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Building Leadership through Social Networking

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Social networking is instrumental in building leadership within companies. Many companies build thought leadership through content and blogging. LinkedIn and Twitter also help companies build leadership by developing key relationships.

Social media helps people attain connections that are essential to business transactions. A component of leadership is attained by leveraging social media to the company’s advantage.

Social Media and Interpersonal Relationships
Since social media is mostly about interpersonal relationships, leaders can use this medium to leverage intellectual capital to build sustainable organizations. For instance, IBM has recognized that they earn at least $948 from every new social relationship formed. Business to business sales representatives benefit from the use of social media online.

These types of sales representatives are twice as likely to use social media as other people. LinkedIn is especially important to business to business sales, as well as some social media applications.

Elements of Leadership and How Social Networking Can Help
Reputation Building. Great leaders must build their brand image and reputation with others in their given industry. Leaders are the motivation for innovation and a healthy work environment. Connections may be made through social media, but nurtured through interpersonal interactions and meetings.

When customers and companies have a mutual understanding, organizations will grow through collaboration and mutual respect. Leaders with good networking skills will attract the business necessary to help the company thrive and grow.

Establishing Value. Establishing value is important to a company. When a company establishes value, their customers recognize the company’s competitive advantage. Leadership should diligently work to establish value in the company to retain loyal customers.

Relationship Building. Essential components of relationship building is the building partnerships. Partnerships may be built through client relationships, mergers, coalitions or through a liaison. Acquaintance and social contacts are also good sources for relationship building.

Leadership emerges from forming strategic alliances. When alliances are formed, clients will informally promote companies and their products. Whether the relationships are personal or organizational public relationships, leaders can leverage the relationships to build successful enterprises.

Blog Posts and Podcasts. Leaders may use podcasts, YouTube and blog posts to stakeholders and the public. By keeping the public informed, stakeholders can build loyal relationships that will increase the company’s revenue and build the company’s reputation in the community. Building a blog with increased traffic will improve the visibility of the company.

Twitter Chats. Members of a company’s leadership team may all join Twitter, Facebook or Google Plus to communicate to one another. Communication focuses on specific topics that are relevant to developing leaders and devising a roadmap to propel the company forward.

Leadership building through social media is one effective method that many successful business leaders use. Though not all use social networking as a method for building leadership, many companies have developed social networking strategies that are effective.


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